The Land of Merfolk - Shore

This is concept art from my illustrated novel 'Antara'. I made this a year ago, I hope you like it. Please check the promo trailer Antara Trailer Where you can buy 'Antara' check the list .

'Antara' is a duology for older teens. It's about a modern fairy tale with elements of romance, mystery and adventure, set in a magical world with merfolk and humans. 'Antara' is an illustrated novel by me, and it includes 26 illustrations.

© Marilena Mexi - Antara 2009 - 2011 All Rights Reserved

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Kristina είπε...

That is such a beautiful picture, I bet it would be amazing as a huge print on the wall! :)

Marilena Mexi είπε...

Thank you so much Kristina, I'm really glad you like it :)