About me

Marilena Mexi was born in Athens and from an early age she remembers herself drawing; love and passion for drawing led her to follow it as a profession. Her studies in Graphic Design and illustration began in Akto (Middlesex University) where she spent  four wonderful creative years. For eight years now she is working as an illustrator for book publishers – magazines and fantasy board and card games. She is also an award-winning artist from the professional cg sites cghub, Fantasyana – cg waves, and she was featured artist in Imagine Fx magazine, Amazing Events, Cg art of China, Cgworld of China and at Cg society front page. She also made tutorials for Photoshop Digital Painting Magazine, Amazing Events Magazine and various CG sites. She had also worked on Talisman Frostmarch Expansion for Fantasy Flight Games. She has been working as a teacher in painting for children, as a graphic designer – illustrator with three creative studios since 2007 – 2010 in Athens and collaboration almost with all biggest Advertising agencies in Greece. Her ambitions for the future are great and she would like to get involved with films and Direction. She’s also a writer and her debut illustrated fantasy  novel “Antara” published by lulu.com. She has set high goals and wants to succeed and she believes that with determination, love, passion and perseverance, all dreams can come true.


Awards  – Features


Online Interviews


  • Fantasy Flight Games / U.S.A
  • Photoshop Magazine / U.S.A
  • Psihogios Publishing  / Greece
  • Etra Publishing  / Greece
  • New Media Publishing / South Africa
  • Vanguard Press / U.S.A
  • Clgaming / U.S.A

Software – Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Painter
  • Art Rage
  • Wacom
  • Colour Pencils
  • Watercolours
  • Oils
  • Acrylics


  • Direction
  • Books
  • 3D animation
  • Writing
  • Martial Arts ( Karate do Shito Ryu)
working as freelance
  • Illustrator- Concept Artist -Graphic Designer
  • English
  • Greek