Photos and Updates

Today I had a big surprise in my mail box, I received a copy of my book, and it's really great. For self publishing I'm very satisfied about the result. Here you can see some photos. "Antara" also has been available soon on the online bookstores Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor and Ebay. For the time available as ebook one the ibookstore and as paperback on lulu.com

Thank you everyone for the support!


6 σχόλια:

Nekro είπε...

Congrats! :D

Marilena Mexi είπε...

Gracias mi amigo!:D

Βασω είπε...

μονο 2 φωτο;;;;

Marilena Mexi είπε...

Se euxaristw polu Vaso moy, an apokalupsw perissoteres den tha exei nohma, nomizw pws apo 2 photo mazi me to promo trailer, eiinai arketo to deigma gia na to agorasei kaneis.:D

CG Addict είπε...

Congrats! Quality looks great from what I can see.

Marilena Mexi είπε...

Thank you George, yes, for self- publishing I'm very satisfied about the quality!:D