Hello everyone,

A quick update for a few news.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, I'm sorry that I can't reply to all of you. I'm working on a few new projects and my time is limited.

Regarding my last work 'The melody of heaven update', I received a lot of messages saying that the hands that I added in the clouds look a bit spooky. Hm, my intention was kind of different.. I didn't have any intention to make the clouds look haunted. I just wanted to show that the clouds are enchanted from the music of the fairy and come to life.

Also, you can see an illustration I made for a greek cover of the novel 'The Legacy' over here:

I receive a large number of messages from here and other communities I'm into. Everyone asks about the the progess of my book, and I'm really thrilled by your interest and your incredible support. Believing in something before you even see it is simply magic, and that gives me a lot of strength. So many things have happened around this issue, and I don't want to write my feelings again in public about this matter. Things have changed 360 degrees. I have lost the right path and finally I found it again. Now I'm on a good track in making the right steps in order to get my book published. I hope that someday the time will come to write good news regarding my book. I think positively and everything is going to be alright. I'm sure that in life when you want something so much and believe in it, in the end you succeed.

The publishing of a book is a very difficult task, but definitely it's not impossible if you have faith and hopefulness.

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