New Era

New Era and i feel realy wonderful and i'm really excited. The past year was too much
difficult for me for everything but first from all i had too much difficulties as a professional artist. The 2010 is really better year for me, i'm working like a mad in three jobs, my work as a teacher for kids is very difficult, the little kids isn't easy work hehe:). Btw i feel good, and I'm thinking positive and this is more important. The past year I tried to become better as digital painter, and i tried to learn English, i think my English is better now, no perfect ,but i understand everything. What do you think?:) . Now i want to make a small break ( from my different paintings), just means that i want to give time to continue my storybook. I should to finished my story and the concept art for this, it's very important for me because is something only mine and absolutely personal. is my big dream and i want to become a good artist from this book.I hope the next six months my book be ready. Also thank you all the people for the support, i still to continue to watch the cg sites and the progress from the other artists. Also i wish you all good luck for the Expose 8. I hope to see and my works there!
I love you all guys! big hug to all!

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